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Turn-on = ON
Turn-off = OFF
Doesn't matter = DM

Has a nice butt: DM

Plays musical instrument: DM?

Is taller than you: DM

Is shorter than you: DM

Has green eyes: DM

Has blue eyes: DM

Has brown eyes: DM

Has black eyes: DM

Has hazel eyes: DM

Has long hair: DM

Has med. hair: DM

Has short hair: DM

Drinks alcohol: DM

Smokes weed: DM

Has blond hair: DM

Has brown hair: DM

Has black hair: DM

Has red hair: DM

Calls you just to say hi: ON/DM

Creative: DM

Compliments you: DM

Shaves his/her legs: DM

Wears jewelry: DM

Has bigger feet than you: DM

Has smaller feet than you: DM

Belly piercings: DM

Doesn't party: DM

Likes to party: DM

Wants to party: DM

Laughs a lot: ON

Funny: ON

Skinny: DM

Rides a street bike: DM

Tattoo: DM

Honest: If they lie it's for their own personal reasons and I'll try not to judge them for it, so.. DM

Open: ON

Shy and quiet: DM

Licks lips: ON

Lightly bites: ON

Talks dirty: ON

Leaves you random comments: ON

Competes with you on stupid little stuff: ON YES ON

Dresses Gangster: DM

Dresses Preppy: DM

Dresses Skater: DM

Dresses Athletic: DM

Dresses Hick: DM

Smokes cigarettes: DM

Does pills: Their life choices, not mine. DM

Plays sports: DM

Can skate: DM

Writes lyrics: DM

Smiles a lot: ON

Has spiky hair: DM

Has layered hair: DM

Has no hair: DM

Good dancer: I can't dance so I don't expect a perfect dances in return. DM

Muscles: DM

Laid back: ON

Plays guitar: DM

Plays drums: DM

Raps: DM

Can draw: DM

Has a lip ring: DM

Has a tongue ring: DM

Nipples pierced: DM

Hugs you: ON

Hugs from behind: ON

Calls you just to hear your voice: ON

Goes to church: DM

Can do stuff with his/her tongue: ON

Has dimples on his/her face: DM

Has facial hair: DM

Places you like to be touched/kissed;
Uhm... I dunno, neck? Pfft xD

Places you dislike to be touched/kissed;
I don't think being tickled for a long time is a good idea since I seem to lash out.

Fetishes?: AHEM...
The list..
Is long.


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Artist | Varied
United Kingdom
....If you know me from CPI then :) we're instant friends

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Deadly-illusion Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You know
what we should do

we should do an art trade
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ gotta go fast
DrFoxblaze Oct 18, 2013   General Artist
What why
whah why
YEEE FOX!!!!! <3333
kitten-hiccups Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
We never talk anymore. Haha. e.e
MrAzurefeather Aug 17, 2013   Writer
I'm not gonna have skype anymore, forward this onto others if you want to contact me please contact via the Chatlands. Thanks.
MrAzurefeather Aug 7, 2013   Writer
come on!~
MrAzurefeather Aug 6, 2013   Writer
fill out my app please <3 thank:3
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